Mission Statement

Faith Baptist Youth Group is dedicated to the discipleship of teens from 7th grade to 12th grade. At Faith Baptist Church we try to create an environment that is fun, spiritually stimulating and most of all, spiritually challenging to our kids. We strive to create a place centered around fun and fellowship but will not sacrifice the sharing of truthful scripture to merely increase the number of students that attend. In Youth Group we challenge students to improve their Christian walk by constantly reminding them that Christ is the standard by which we are to judge ourselves, and if we truly love him as most Christians claim they do, then the fruits of the spirit will be evident in our lives. We try to encourage the students to realize that although there is nothing they can do to lose their salvation, one must examine themselves daily in an effort to determine if they in fact are saved. We are fun loving people, who strongly believe that God has a sense of humor and that honesty between brothers and sisters in Christ is one of the four cornerstones of a church built for God.

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